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More than 40 years of excellent refuse removal service.

Serving Lincoln, NE, Havelock & Carter Refuse is the area’s most reliable service for waste collection and disposal.

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Our Company

As a community and customer service oriented company, we are dedicated to providing professional and dependable residential and commercial services at an affordable rate.

Our Mission

With various trash, recycling, and yard waste collection options, we take the mess off your hands.

Our Passion

Looking ahead, we want to keep moving forward and growing with the industry all while staying ahead of the game and keeping our customers informed and happy.

Residential Services.

Service includes a 96 gallon two-wheel tote. If additional totes are needed they are available for a minimal monthly fee.

Totes should be placed at the pick-up area (alley or curbside) the evening before scheduled trash day, but no later than 5am the morning of. Should it not be out at pick up time there may be an additional charge to return. Please note some items that are not considered normal household trash, may require an additional fee. Examples might be: tires, pallets, remodeling items, multiple pieces of furniture, wood piles & junk piles. You are welcome to call and find out prior to putting it out if there will be additional charges.

What We Provide

Trash Service

We offer residential 1x a week trash pick-up. Service includes a 96 gallon two-wheel toter. If additional totes are needed they are available for a minimal monthly fee.

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Recycling Service

We are proud to offer a Residential and Commercial recycling program. When bundled with trash you will be surprised how affordable it can be. A 96 gallon toter is provided with residential 1x a week service. Commercial we have available 96 gallon, 2 yard, and 3 yard dumpsters and can pick up 1-2 times per week.

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Yard Waste

We are pleased to offer a bundled yard waste service to our customers. This 1x a week service would come with a 96 gallon tote. Yard waste must be separated from the trash from April 1st - November 30th

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Additional Trash Info

  • Trash should be at the pick up location the evening before your pick up day, but no later than 5 a.m. the morning of pick-up.
  • Please place all trash in trash bags and not just directly in the tote. This helps avoid the possibility of loose trash flying out.
  • All weeds, branches, sticks & brush trimmings can be placed in the trash
  • To avoid possible additional charges when throwing away bulk amounts of sticks/branches, please bundle them and set beside you trash. We need them to be less than 4' in length and 3" in diameter. If you have larger pieces of wood you can take to: The North 48th Street Transfer Station to be chipped. Gate fees apply.
  • For Christmas tree drop off sites please visit the following city website Tree Recycling
  • We ask that you periodically wash you tote out with soap and water to avoid bugs/flies and odor.
  • Sharing of services no matter the amount is illegal and is referred to as Theft of Service. Please do not allow anyone to use your trash services.

Additional Recycling Info

  • All totes should be placed at the pick-up area (alley or curbside) the evening before scheduled pick-up day, but no later than 5am the morning of pick-up. Should it not be out when we come by there may be an additional charge to return.
  • Recyling Guidelines (Lancaster Co)
  • Hazardous Waste Guidelines
  • If you do recycle glass we ask that you put it in a brown paper bag and set it in the recycling tote to help contain and pieces if they break.

Additional Yard Waste Info

  • Yard waste is considered grass clippings & leaves only
  • Yard waste must be separated from the trash from April 1st - November 30th
  • You are welcome to use lawn & leaf bags along with the toter if needed
  • NO plastic or garbage bags can be used for yard waste
  • All weeds, branches, sticks & brush trimmings are considered trash
  • We highly recommend that during the summer months you periodically wash your yard waste toter out with soap and water to keep the grass clippings from building up and sticking to the bottom. When that happens a mucky mess of putrid smelling grass compost can build up.
  • If you do not have monthly yard waste service you may sign up for Fall only service which is October and November. Call for pricing
  • If you have minimal yard waste needs we do offer 1x pick-ups. Just call us to schedule
  • Please have your yard waste to the front curb the evening before pick-up or no later than 5 a.m. the morning of pick-up.

Commercial Services.

We are proud to offer our business customers commercial size dumpsters that will fit their needs.

We have 2, 3, 4, & 6 yard dumpsters. We offer pick up anywhere from 1-5 days a week. Pricing of commercial trash is determined by the size of dumpster needed, number of days pick up is needed and the type of business (weight of trash). We do offer commercial recycling and it is picked up 1-2x per week. Same as with residential services yard waste can NOT be mixed with trash between April 1st - November 30th.

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Pickup Schedule

No Service on Saturday or Sunday

We are CLOSED on the following holidays

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A few of your Questions

What am I not allowed to throw away?

Lead acid batteries, waste oil, antifreeze & household hazardous waste. If you have paint cans to throw away please remove lids and allow paint to dry completely. Unfortunately we are also not able to take cement pieces of any kind/size, land scape bricks or rocks. To determine if your product is a hazardous waste please visit: Lincoln Hazardous Waste Guide or call The Lincoln Health Department @ 402-441-8040

When does yard waste have to be separate from the trash?

April 1st – November 30th

Can I use my own garbage can if I need an extra one?

Of course we highly recommend getting an additional toter from us for a small monthly fee. However if you wish to use your own we would recommend one that has 2 handles and a tight fitting lid.

What if your company breaks my personal trash can?

We always try to be careful, but should you choose to use your own trash can we cannot guarantee it. If it would get broken it would be your responsibility to replace it.

What large items do you take?

We take a wide variety of larger household items including: couches, mattresses, dressers, end tables, coffee tables, chairs and much more. Please note that there may be an additional fee depending on amount/size/weight of items.

Do you take appliances?

Yes, we can take any appliance that is at the trash pick up area or curb for an additional pre-paid fee. There is an extra charge because the city landfill does not accept appliances. There is no charge for tv’s, as long as there aren’t multiple ones (excluding old large boxed projection tv’s, they will have a minimal fee).

When does my trash need to be out?

We always recommend setting it out the evening before. However, if not then please have it out by 5:00 AM. There may be a minimal fee if it’s not out and we need to return.

What if the tote you provide me gets damaged/broken?

Depending on the damage most likely we can just swap it out for another one.

Do you have roll-off's?

Unfortunately we do not.

Are special services provided for the disabled or elderly?

Yes. Some of our customers are just not able to push a heavy container to the pick-up location. For this reason we do offer special services to the disabled or elderly. Call our office if you would like more information.

What if I forget to put my trash, recycling or yard waste out?

We understand, forgetting to put out your trash, recycling or yard waste happens. Just give us a call and we will arrange another pick up.

How can I pay my bill?

You are able to mail in a check/money order, do bill pay through your bank, call to make a payment over the phone (card only), set up auto pay through us using a checking/savings or debit/credit card & through the website

I will be out of town for a lengthy amount of time. Can I put a hold on my services?

Yes, we are happy to put a hold on your services for the time you are gone. Please email us at billing@hcrefuse.com or call us and let us know the date to start the hold and then call/email when you return and would like to resume services.

I am moving. How do I stop my start/stop service? Do you service my new property?

To start or stop services please call the office and let us know so you are not being billed after you move. We would love to continue servicing you, simple call us and we would be happy to let you know if we are in your area.

What if I refer my friends & family to your company?

We would love to have you recommend our services. If your friend/family call and we are able to service their location. We would love to offer each of you a free month of service.